Videos of the Tri-Color Triangle ™ in use on Amish buggies and tractors by Day, Dusk and Night. Bonus: Amish Safety Day in Indiana

Please allow a few moments for the videos to be loaded from their YouTube locations before the thumbnails of them appear.

The Tri-Color Triangle is shown in use in a variety of videos with various scenes of road testing on Amish buggies and regular farm tractors. The 2nd to the last video is footage of scenes from an “Amish Safety Day” event in Indiana in 2015 where the T-C T was formally presented to a large local Anabaptist community after their having been exposed to long-term testing of a prototype T-C T in the area for 9 months prior. An informational booth was set up and examples of the new style, existing styles and non-spec deficient styles were presented along with explanatory materials, one-on-one Q and A on all aspects/history of SMV emblems and specs plus tablet computer playback of the videos featured here.

Before playing (or after just starting, then pausing) the videos, go to the bottom right corner of each youtube screen and click on the “gear wheel” which is Video Settings.  Click it and choose the top setting (480) for the best viewing. You may have to wait momentarily for the playback to catch up at this highest setting but it will be worthwhile for an accurate evaluation.

Also, before playing, you may want to go to the very corner of the bottom right of the youtube screen and click the “four corners of a box” symbol which will present the video in Full Screen mode.

The Tri-Color Triangle ™ in another single daylight road use demonstration. Scene: buggy passes filming car, car passes buggy, buggy passes car again and car follows buggy. Owing to the automatic exposure defaults in the camera and the low angle of the Winter sun, the colors in the triangle are not quite true to actuality except when the buggy is shadowed by trees.

Next: the Tri-Color Triangle ™ in Dusk settings, demonstrating the low-light effectiveness of the proprietary fluorescent/reflective lime-green stripes.

Next: the Tri-Color Triangle ™ in a variety of nighttime situations, including: passing the buggy; other cars passing buggy; behind the buggy with oncoming vehicles’ headlights in following car driver’s eyes. Scenes without the buggy’s lights illuminated… the triangle alone showing up in the following car’s headlights. Scenes with the buggy lights illuminated. These images graphically portray how the appearance of the center orange section (and the new lime-green strips) looks the same at night as it does by day, correcting a main drawback in the existing SMV emblem.  The 2 last scenes show a standard triangle on a buggy at night and in traffic for comparison.

Next: the Tri-Color Triangle ™ in a daytime road test on a John Deere tractor in Indiana. Thanks to Doug Raub of Raub Farms, Lafayette.

Next: The Tri-Color Triangle ™ is shown to the Amish and Mennonite community around Nappanee, Indiana, at an informational display at Safety Day put on by the NSA. Benefits of this new version were demonstrated and discussed and drawbacks of non-standard and deficient triangles were pointed out. The long-term road-testing of a prototype T-C T ended and a production unit ceremoniously replaced it.

Last: a telephone truck with the now-common display of fluorescent/reflective yellow-green and orange conspicuity striping on its rear along with the temporary placement of a Tri-Color Triangle ™ for comparison purposes.





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